Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seminar on Globalization

It has been such a long time that I didn’t visit my blog at all. I thought of writing down one or other things quite lot of times but may be it was b’coz of lack of enthusiasm that I haven’t posted anything for so long.

Recently, I attended 15 days seminars at my Institute (ICWAI, Lodi Road) and that was an enriching experience. There was a lecture on ‘Globalization and WTO’ which provided with some really good knowledge. The professor told us about how in 1991 India was left with only one week foreign exchange reserves and how certain developed countries and International Financial Instt. (e.g., IMF, World Bank etc.) were not willing to lend us unless we succumb to their demands. Industries in developed nations at that time were operating at an optimum capacity and producing large quantities of goods but the problem faced by them was very low population base of their own countries and hence insufficient demand for their products. These nations were forcing India to open up its economy due its large population and hence could serve as a big market for them.

It is important to mention here that prior to 1991 our economy was almost a closed economy. In order to discourage foreign investments we had very heavy custom duties, red tapism and bureaucracy, license raj etc. The negative aspects of having a closed economy, to name a few, were:

  • Industrialization didn’t take place as per the expectations

  • Corruption, lack of efficiency in work and ineffective management became the common features of the public sector

  • Many public sector companies were making losses

  • Official machinery became a major hindrance to the development

  • Technological backwardness

  • Shortage of adequate capital

  • Brain drain etc

So, all in all we were following the policy of protectionism in the favor of our domestic industries. Needless to say that the agriculture was a major contributor in GDP and almost all sectors had government intervention. There were very few private players in the market and certainly ‘consumer was not a king’ during those days.

Ultimately, India opened up its doors in 1991 through New Economic Policy (NEP) - that led to the globalization, liberalization and privatization as three strategies - under the leadership of Shri. P. V. Narasimha Rao and then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. It was a major breakthrough and a historical event in the Indian economy. License Raj was abolished and a new Industrial Policy was promulgated by the government. It’s been almost 18 years of our opening up and it is clearly evident that India has emerged as a leading global player. The recent crisis has reaffirmed that it is not beneficial for the world to ignore certain advanced developing nations, particularly BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. A recent development where BRIC nations have decided to invest $80 billion in IMF(China will contribute $50 bn and rest will be contributed by other nations equally) to have a more say in the organization is another step towards ending the dominance of United States in IMF and other International Financial Institutions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding


31st Jan. 2009 was really a special day for me as it was my best friend’s wedding. The reason why I want to talk about her wedding is also, ironically, a special one. On the basis of self-experience and those of my friends I was thinking of, quite lately, writing down something about this gala event. This marriage is one in a million in my eyes not b’coz it was my friend’s wedding but it was a marriage without any dowry.

Even after so much of self-proclamation about development and liberalization there are present certain social evils, like dowry, ready to rip apart the so-called glorious image of ‘Mother India’. The conscience of people is still not ready to accept marriage as a simple ceremony for most of the parents it is the only event in their life where they can fulfill their dreams. Having an extravagant marriage at the cost of bride’s family fulfill these dreams. There are certain very generous people in this society who do not want any dowry but will like to have a lavishing marriage for they are bound by their high society norms and culture.

So, it can be seen that there are various genuine reasons that this culture is still very much prevalent and thriving quite well in India. However, the most disappointing aspect is the attitude of the younger generation towards dowry. Education has actually failed to serve its true purpose in our society. For most of the people education is no more than a medium to get a good job, which then becomes a basis for handsome dowry. Interestingly, most of the guys do not see anything wrong in this practice and then there are many those who will never speak against it to give respect to their parents.

Amidst such an environment where marriages have become merely a business attending my friend’s marriage was a pleasant feeling. It definitely gives a ray of hope that a day will come when people will change their perspective and take marriages as meeting of hearts. For this purpose to be achieved the onus lies on the younger generation. So arise, awake and firmly say NO TO DOWRY.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practise it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies. - --Terry Waite (b. 1939) British religious adviser, hostage in Lebanon

We are again stricken by yet another horrendous terrorist attack on our nation. This gory act has left all of us shocked, shaken and stirred. Apart from so many innocent lives India has lost some of its highly competent and brave officers & soldiers. No body can fill this void created by our irresponsible, incompetent, corrupt politicians and an administration that never wakes up.

The mourning nation wants an answer. We do not want terrorism to become a usual and normal topic of our life. Maharashtra govt. was ‘kind’ in ‘rewarding’ people affected by this ghastly act. The message is pretty clear – keep dying and we know how to bury the burning issues.

The problem definitely lies with the political, administrative and legal system of this nation. These politicians have always followed the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’. The votes are asked in the name of different castes, creeds, religions, sects, sections etc. but never in the name of country. In fact, these are the politicians who are the real terrorist and greatest threat for this nation.

Time and again it has been proved that these terrorists use Pakistani soil for their grooming. The big question is that - What are we waiting for? This anguished and grief stricken nation demands strong political action from our leaders. After all we can’t allow fanatics to cripple our economy by creating such mayhem.

I think this the right time to seek explanation from all those politicians, so called intellectuals and other sections of society who raised their eyebrows on the Batla House encounter and labeled it as a fake operation. No wonder till such type of people are alive our fight against terrorism will never yield fruitful results.

Last but not least, our tribute to the martyrs who laid their lives so that this nation is not let down by the perpetrators and enemies. Jai Hind!!!

Increasing Resistance Power

Today’s busy life style and fast food culture has made all of us prone to various diseases. Long working hours in the office are making office goers’ life style very sedentary. Lack of physical activities and harmful eating habits are leading to an increase in various deadly diseases.

I was having a discussion with my friend one day and she was very concerned about the decrease in her resistance power. This situation is faced by most of us. Due to decrease in resistance power one frequently gets cold, cough, fever, sinus, falling of hair etc.

Since I like reading articles on various topics, this conversation with my friend prompted me to search and find out something on how to increase resistance power. I found some good home remedies which I will like to share with everyone, and blog is definitely a good medium for sharing.

1.) Drinking Luke warm water mixed with a spoon of pure Honey and a spoon of Lemon juice everyday in the morning helps to increase resistance power.

2.) Drinking Milk boiled with a pinch of Turmeric (Haldi) and Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) every night before going to bed prevents many diseases and also helps to increase resistance power.

3.) Eating a Gooseberry (Amla) everyday helps to improve resistance power by providing necessary vitamins and iron.

4.) Eating 5 Basil (Tulsi) leaves everyday helps to increase resistance power even for Cancer.

5.) Drinking Milk boiled with Harad (Haritaki) powder and mixed with a spoon of Honey everyday helps to increase resistance power.

6.) Eating Papaya (papita) everyday helps to increase resistance power.

7.) Betel leaves (pan) with small quantity of Lime (chuna) and a piece of Areacanut (supari) taken helps to increase resistance power.